About Myself Quiz

1.How old am I =





2.Do i have a pet or more=



2c.I don’t know

3.What is my best thing in the world=

3a.Dragons,animals and dinosaurus

3b,plants,people and trees

4.What is my faviouriter in Transformers  Prime

4a.Smoke Screen

4b.The dragon



Okay that is all the things I have in it


A Quiz

1. How old am I ?

2. How many dogs do I have?

3. What is my favourite food?

4. What is my brothers name?

5. What it my favourite country?

6. What type of job do I want when I grow up?

From Josephine B GOOD LUCK ON THE QUIZ 🙂



Summer at School


Today at school it’s really hot and it’s time to wear hats and I don’t have one .So it’s time for me to buy one.Sooner or later I will get sunburn and  that will hurt. Any way today I’m in Room 8 because it is Athletics Day and my class has gone to the Domain for it. I didn’t make it in because I did not bring my P.E gear for the sprints, but for the rest I did.

by Charissa 🙂

The quiz about me

1.How old am I?

2.Do I have a pet?

3.What’s my favourite food?

4.What’s my favourite country?

5.What’s my favourite sport?


The next Question is the hardest one about me

7. What is my favourite animal???

And by the way whoever gets all of them right, gets a very special prize!!! And I aint telling what it is 😛

Why kids our age need more sleep

I bet nearly everyone wants more sleep in my class. I mean who doesn’t want more sleep .You wake up in the morning because of your alarm clock that your mum set up in the middle of the night .You shut it off and go back to sleep .Ten minutes later your mum goes in your bedroom and smacks you right on the middle of the head . When you come back from school you need to do your homework. That wastes so much energy of thinking . I mean you need some energy to play your video games. I sometime wish that there was an extra weekend .That would be the best thing in the world for me. I wonder how people wake up so early .To me (and a lot of other people too) it’s just impossible 🙁 .Who else can’t wake up early ? .And by early I mean like 6.30am .


the Future Ferns lost their last netball game



Bulls are colour-blind



Kangaroos can jump backwards



China is the biggest country in the world



Cheetahs can change direction in mid-air



My Ten Pin Bowling Party

On the 21st of September I’m have a Ten Pin Bowling party .It’s going to be AWESOME. My real brithday is on the 20th but maybe J-Team is going to be on. My one of my mum’s friends is making a cake for me and my friends.YUM!!!I. I can’t wait until my party.